How to Get Started with the Google Home App

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 13 February 2021

After purchasing my first smart home product, I was required to download the Google Home app. It allows you to set up, manage, and control many of your smart home devices and connected home products like lights, cameras, thermostats, and more. You’ll need to check whether it’s compatible, but it is primarily designed to work with Google Home, Google Nest, and Chromecast devices.

After you have downloaded the Google Home app, you’ll need to allocate a Google account. Then you’ll need to assign your devices so you can control everything in one place. 

The app allowed me to ‘Link Spotify’ and ‘Link Netflix’ by clicking on the button and then agreed to the terms and conditions pop up window. It’ll take a little time process. For Netflix, I needed to add my password and select my own personal profile to link it with Google Assistant. 

Getting Started with the Google Home app

I selected the ‘Getting Started’ button and was required to choose a nickname for my home. Then I was required to enter all of the home address details. 

Then you’ll receive a message about Location access: ‘Location access is needed to detect nearby Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals to determine your location during your home and device setup process.’ So you need to Allow access. 

The app will then look for devices and present you with a list of potential ones that you might be interested in setting up. You can select from Chromecast/Google TV, Camera, Display, Doorbell, Light bulb, Lock, Plug, Sensor, Smoke/CO alarm, Speaker, Thermostat and Wifi. If you’re not ready, you can select the ‘not now’ option. 

Then you can set up your household contacts and add any people who you live with. You can add yourself to allow anyone at home to call you. A warning pop-up appears letting you know that your email and phone number will be displayed. Then hit the ‘add’ button. 

Settings on Google Home app

You can change settings by clicking on the cog icon. This list is organised well – the first two options you’ll have already completed. You may like to turn some of the default notifications off. 

The services section is whether you can link other apps for Video, Music, Podcasts, Voice and video calls, Notes and lists and other Home control items that Work with Google. 

At the bottom, there is a ‘delete this home’ option, in case you need to move house or change your mind about smart home devices. 

Bottom menu on the Google Home app

There are three options on the Bottom menu of the Google Home app. You’ll find a home icon, a microphone icon (which takes you to the Google Assistant) and a pages icon (this takes you to Discover and the Google Support page on Contr you Google Nest Display). 

Profile on the Google Home app 

When you click on your Google profile image in the top right-hand corner, you find a familiar menu. Here you can access your Google Account (change it to someone else), change the Home app settings (think search and watch history etc), and adjust your Google Assistant settings. You’ll find the Help and Feedback options here.

Add and manage devices on the Google Home app

You might miss it, but the black plus sign in the top left-hand corner is for adding and managing your devices. 

The Google Home app is easy to set up and fairly intuitive to use. 

About Google Home app

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