How To Keep In Touch Abroad – Essential Tips

By Lauren Trucksess
on 26 April 2015

The idea of picking up and moving away to another country or travelling for extended periods of time isn’t so unusual anymore. In fact, statistics show more than a quarter of Australia’s population was born overseas, and another one-fifth has at least one overseas-born parent. But with different time zones and expensive plane rides, it can be difficult to stay in touch. While good old-fashioned snail mail will never go out of style, there are more fun, techie ways to maintain long-distance relationships.

How To Keep In Touch Abroad – Essential Tips

Capture the everyday

Life isn’t always about the big events like weddings and graduations. Sometimes, it’s the little things you miss the most. Use your smartphone or tablet to capture a fun day at a museum, a short car ride or hang-out time at home. Or make your everyday moments look like epic adventures with apps like Hyperlapse from InstagramSharing more of life’s typical moments will help you feel connected.

Show them what it’s like

Grand-mum and Grand-pop aren’t able to come along on your trip? Make them feel like they are there! Microsoft’s Photosyth allows you to capture and share your world in 3D using wraparound panoramas. It’s also the perfect way to check out exotic international destinations, like Mount Everest from the safety of your couch.

Turn your snaps into postcards

Postcards are a tried and trusted way to show loved ones and friends you’re thinking about them. So why not combine them with your favourite travel photos? Head to Artifact Uprising to create your own personalised Postcard Pack. It’s a unique way to say everything from “hello”, “congrats” or just, “thinking of you” with your own personal touch.

No-cost calls

There are now dozens of ways to call long-distance and even video chat for free, and we’re not just talking about Skype. Check out apps including Google Voice, Fring, KakaoTalk, Talkatone, and Tango and catch up over a Wi-Fi connection without adding anything to your bill.

Blog it Down

Lots of relatives to update? A blog is a fun way to share stories and pictures with a larger audience, and there are a handful of sites that make it easy to get started. Wix, WordPress and Blogger will have you posting in no time.

One other way to stay close across the distance is to tell loved ones, “I wish you were here.” Just write “wish you were here” or “WYWH” on a napkin, a piece of paper or in chalk, snap a picture and send it in to Wish You Were Here to share your message with the world.


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