How to Manage Pregnancy and Career with Grace Papers

Frederique Bros
on 1 September 2015

Grace Papers is a revolutionary digital platform with interactive programs and communities that disrupt and challenge mindsets about traditional stereotypes.

The online programs support working women and their partners in navigating family and career; from before she announces her pregnancy, through to the end of her maternity leave and return to work.

Grace Papers is an agent of social change, driving empowerment as a core competency. Grace Papers has created online programs that are available directly to consumers, as well as through enterprise solutions. The programs are accessible, and engaging and foster self-awareness, providing critical education and a supportive community around an important period of change.

The online programs align with where a woman is at in her pregnancy and inspire her to have the right conversations at the right time to determine her personal pathway. The programs also equip women with the knowledge and skills to recognise and address workplace bias. Each core program is complemented by relevant TED talks, articles and videos, and lifestyle and professional development content.

The 2013 Human Rights Commission Report found that one in two mothers experienced pregnancy discrimination at work during pregnancy, while on parental leave or on their return to work. The economic and social implications of this issue are vast, and, as winners of the 2014 Australian Human Rights Business Award, Grace Papers delivers proven strategies to support women to ensure that pregnancy becomes a valued event in – not a barrier to – a woman’s career.

Grace Papers is the embodiment of the pathway to freedom for working mothers and allows them to return to work from parental leave confidently, flexibly and engaged.

In February 2015, Grace Papers was invited to showcase the platform at UNESCO’s Mobile Learning Week in Paris, which was co-hosted by UN Women. The theme for the event was ‘Empowering Women & Girls Through Mobile Technology’.

Critical in Grace Papers’ mission is making men agents of change in supporting their partners during this period, as well as advocating their own rights as parents – driving equal, active and involved parenthood with flexible working arrangements.

Grace Papers is launching its tailored program for men, Just For Dads, in late 2015.

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