How to Pack for Two Seasons in One Trip?

Lauren Trucksess
on 5 November 2015

How can you make sure you have everything you need and you’re not sweltering or freezing when you get there?

Packing is hard, and packing lightly is even harder but packing lightly for two different seasons might be the biggest challenge of them all. If you typically spend your winters in the freezing cold, it’s understandable to want to escape to somewhere warm, but what if your travels take you through a few different climates? There’s only so much room in your bag!

Here are our tips on how to pack for different climates

Say no to bulk

Bulky winter clothes take up lots of bag real estate, so stick to quality, thin layers. Leave the oversized pullover and opt for a mix of t-shirts, long sleeves and sweaters. Pair your jacket or coat with a few layers and you’ll enjoy the warm without the cramped bag.

Rethink your wardrobe

Stretch the versatility of your clothes by reworking them for each season. Your favourite sweatshirt can be paired with sneakers and long jeans in the winter or worn with shorts and sandals on a cool summer evening.

Let’s go leggings

Leggings are great for travelling for a few reasons: They can be folded up and stored easily, they can be layered underneath pants for extra warmth and they can help you turn summer dresses into autumn or winter looks.

Shoe restraint

I have a love/hate relationship with shoes when it comes to travelling. I usually get annoyed when I don’t have shoes for a particular outfit, but usually, it’s not worth bringing extra pairs at the expense of other clothes you might need more. Stick to the basics – a pair of shoes you can walk in all day or that pretty much goes with everything and a pair of sandals and/or boots.

Ready to wear

I know it’s tempting to have a brand new outfit for each day of your trip, but washing and re-wearing clothes is a reality of travel – especially for long trips or for those who need to save luggage space. Try using your hotel’s laundry services or consider renting a space on Airbnb that has a free washer and dryer. 

Pick up something new

If you arrive only to find it’s a lot colder or hotter than you expected, you can always pick up something new to match the weather. Things like hats, gloves and scarves can usually be found easily and if they’re cheap enough, you can leave them behind or donate to someone else.

Image Credit: DepositPhotos

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