How To Personalise Your Fashion Accessories

By Emilia Rossi
on 26 August 2015

Shopping online has never been so easy. When I started shopping online in 2003, I dreamed of one day being able to buy something custom-made that would fit better and look amazing such as a perfect fitting shoe for my hard-to-fit wide feet!

Here are three websites that I have personally used to custom design something beautiful using their state-of-the-art technology.

Shoes of Prey

Shoes of Prey is a great Australian success story. If you haven’t already heard of them you have to check them out, I promise you will not be disappointed. Their site offers a 3-D platform that lets you create the perfect shoe design.

It’s so easy to use and once you’ve chosen a shoe shape such as a high heel, a wedge or a ballet flat the fun begins when you start browsing their detailed gallery serving up many different fabric options, finishes and colours. They have an excellent return policy, so if your design for any reason does not fit or is not what you expected you can send them back to be re-made – how fantastic is that!

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Imagine having a bikini where both the top and bottom sections fit perfectly.  Bikini shopping is challenging, you always end up loving either the top or bottom – never both. Surania gives you the option of knowing what it feels like to love all parts of your bikini. They have one of the most detailed measuring sections I have ever seen on a website. You enter your own detailed measurements, using their very easy step-by-step guide, to achieve the perfect fitting bikini.

You not only can select from a range of their specialty fabrics and accessories, but you can also choose the cut of the bikini, how high or low you want the bottom to sit and how narrow or wide you want the rare shape to be. They have cute illustrations but I love how they use real models and videos to give you a sense of how it may look on your own body. If you feel overwhelmed with their design options, check out their bikini gallery for inspiration. You are bound to find something you will love to wear.

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Blue Nile

This site is perfect for those looking for a custom-made ring using a quality, ethically sourced diamond. It may be daunting, especially for those not used to buying online, to shop online for such a high-priced item. But Blue Nile is the ideal site to do so. I’ve always turned to this site first for all of my diamond knowledge. Their information about diamonds is very thorough.

Founded in 1999, Blue Nile is the largest online retailer of diamonds! Their mission is not only to educate first-time shoppers about the different characteristics of diamonds but also to make sure it’s easy for you to buy your piece of jewellery from them. They have one of the most extensive diamond selection charts that allow you to choose the exact diamond you want to use for your custom design. Their customer support is second to none and they have amazing reviews. There is no other site in the world like Blue Nile for buying your diamonds online.

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If you have personally used a website to custom design something, please let us know. I would love to know what else is out there.

Image Credit: Surania

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