How To Stay Protected Online Against Hackers and Malware

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Nowadays you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting yourself online. There have been concerns about hackers being able to see through your device’s camera, your web searches being traced, and your passwords and credit card information being stolen.

All of this is frightening and invasive, and it’s clear we need to protect ourselves…but often we just don’t know how. Norton 360 is all the protection you need and more. Here’s why.

In this connected world, it’s going to take more than just a bit of tape over your laptop’s camera to keep you safe and sound. When protecting yourself, you need to think about your device’s software, securing your passwords and keeping your personal information away from intruders.

When Norton 360 Premium enters your devices, you get instant and real-time protection from threats like malware including ransomware, spyware, viruses, phishing and more.

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And forget the tape, because you’ll also be getting ‘SafeCam’ to block unauthorised access to your webcam to keep out the cybercriminals and the creeps.

For secure browsing, you’ll get a VPN (Virtual Private Network) as part of the package meaning you can browse the internet securely, privately and anonymously if you wish. You can add bank-grade encryption which allows you to store passwords, bank details and whatever else you want in a secure place.

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All of this is more than enough to keep your devices safe but as an extra precaution, Norton 360 Premium also provides up to 100GB of cloud backup space for you to store important files. And if you have children, you can implement parental controls on their devices to manage their activities, what they can see and what they can’t so as to provide them with a safe online environment.

Norton360 Premium protects up to five devices at once and supports Windows, Android, Apple and iOS. It really is all-in-one protection.

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Written by Emeric Brard


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  1. If you want complete online privacy and security, use a virtual private BROWSER.There a HUGE difference between a virtual private network and a virtual private browser.A VPN hides your IP address when browsing but a virtual private browser hides your location, device and browser.All cookies, trackers and viruses stay on the server in the cloud and never touch your device.That is complete online privacy and security.

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