How to Stop Weight Loss Ads on Instagram

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 31 December 2022

If you’re tired of looking at weight loss advertisements on your social media accounts, the good news is that you can turn them off.

Companies can track the websites you visit with cookies, and then serve you reminder advertisements so you go back to purchase their product. They can create ads to target different interest groups.

An ads manager can change the settings so these ads aren’t so intrusive and obvious. Sometimes it just feels spooky. Have you ever mentioned something in conversation and then seen ads for it later in the day?

However, an aggressive advertising strategy might lead to some quick results but often frustrates many of your potential customers.

Juniper and Noom are companies that show at least three advertisements per day on YouTube. I found this way too much and inappropriate, so I reported them. (Just click on the three dots and select the ‘Stop seeing this ad’) .

youtube noom ads

I no longer see ads from this company. And because it created a negative brand experience, I’ll never purchase their product, ever.

How to Show Fewer Ads about Body Weight Control

If you’re tired of Instagram weight loss ads:

You can stop them by:

  • Head to settings
  • Select ‘ads’
  • Select ‘ad topics’
  • Click on the search bar
  • Select ‘Body Weight Control’
  • Select ‘show less ads about this topic’

Ways to review and manage your information:

To adjust what ads you see, you can:

pug cheesecake

You’ll have less diet pressure in the new year!

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