How To Stream Your Movies And TV Shows In HDR

By Emeric Brard
on 27 April 2020

Let’s face it – binge-watching TV shows and annihilating movie marathons have been a big part of our lives in recent times. And since they make up such large parts of our day, why not make your viewing experience the best it can be by streaming in HDR?

What is HDR?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) essentially improves the brightness of your image while also widening its colour range and overall pop. HDR expands the range of both contrast and colour, giving what you’re seeing much more depth.

Overall, it’s a much more pleasant viewing experience that can transform your movie from good to awesome with one simple change.

How are your favourite platforms supporting HDR?


Tiger King, HDR
Netflix Original Tiger King

Women Love Tech has given you a wide range of films and shows for you to watch during home isolation, so to make that list even better, activate HDR so that when you’re embarking through the gloomy, dystopian sci-fi universe of Altered Carbon or the wild and ferocious Oklahoma in Tiger Kind, you’ll have colours and tigers jumping at you left, right and centre.

To get HDR on Netflix, you will need to pay, though. To even have access to HDR, you’ll need to pay for the $15.99 a month for the premium service to which you can then toggle between a HDR or a Dolby Vision logo next to titles that are HDR-compatible. The negative is that it’s quite difficult to distinguish which titles support HDR and those that do not.

Disney Plus

HDR for the newest streaming service has been available to users since day one of its release, but there have been accusations of the service “faking” its HDR compatibility. This hasn’t been proven, and there remains a category dedicated to “Ultra HD and HDR” titles.

The Mandalorian, Disney +
Disney Plus’ Mandalorian

Just imagine the action of Star Wars in HDR….beautiful.

Amazon Prime Video

Where Amazon Prime Video is different from Netflix is that HDR compatibility is free of charge, but where they’re similar is that actually finding the HDR-compatible is a task in itself.

Hunters, HDR, Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime Original Hunters

To find out, you’ll have to go to the show page and look for a small HDR badge. Most of Amazon’s original shows support HDR, but not all of them.

Which platforms don’t support HDR?

  • Hulu
  • HBO Now

Which streaming platform do you use? Let us know in the comments.

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