How to Turn Your Google Online Advertising Down

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 22 August 2023

If you notice a sudden downturn in website visitors, you may need to turn your Google online advertising down.

Google AdSense

You can control your website’s online advertising within your Google AdSense account. In the left-hand menu pane, you’ll see an option for Ads.

When I click on this, I can clearly see the list of websites that I manage and own. At the moment, I can see Brisbanista, and Game Set Tech.

How to Turn Your Google Online Advertising Down

Then click on the website bar to edit the settings. I’m not interested in earning money via Google AdSense, so I want to attract premium brands with large budgets.

My website settings are:

  • Auto Ads: on
  • Page exclusion: 0

For further details and settings, click on the website bar.

Here you will see:

On the left side of the window: A website preview (as a mobile or PC view)

Preparing a preview so that you can see how ads look on your site…

On the right side of the window: Ad settings / Privacy messages

I currently have these set to:

  • Overlay formats: (0/3)
  • In-page formats: (0/2)
  • Excluded areas: No areas excluded.
  • Excluded pages: No pages excluded.

When you have finished select the blue button that says “Apply to site”.

If your readers or customers are complaining about seeing too many annoying pop-up advertising, or in-page advertising. You can change how passive or aggressive your Google AdSense marketing strategy is.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see an Ad load bar.

Make sure you tick the blue tickbox for “Optimise existing ads”.

✅Let Google optimise your existing ad units.

You might like to test your website for a month to see what happens to your Google website analytics. Or just check your bank balance and see how much or little money you are earning.

It all depends on what your digital marketing strategy is, how tech-savvy your readers are, and who your target audience is.

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