HP Launches OMEN And Pavilion Range Of Gaming Devices And Accessories

HP's new range of gaming laptops and accessories is great news for gamers - it also includes the world’s first headset with active ear-cup cooling technology!

HP Launches OMEN And Pavilion Range Of Gaming Devices And Accessories

Dell and Alienware did it recently. And now, not to be outdone, HP has joined the others in unveiling its bold new line-up of gaming innovations in Australia. HP’s new devices include a much smaller and more powerful OMEN by HP 15 laptop and a range of professional-grade gaming accessories including the world’s first gaming headset with active earcup cooling technology.

HP’s OMEN range also includes the OMEN by HP 17 laptop, which is a high performance laptop clearly meant for avid gamers. By contrast, the next generation Pavilion Gaming 15 laptop provides a good mix of a powerful gaming experience along with the value and ease-of-use for the more casual gamers.

If you care about powerful performance, stunning displays, and a wide range of accessories to choose from, for your e-sports and gamer needs, then the OMEN and Pavilion ranges might be perfect for you!

Besides the combination of killer specs on the three laptops in the range (power, graphics, stunning audio and display, quick cooling etc.), the accessories make an even better impression. Whether it’s the Mindframe headset with ear-cup cooling technology or the Sequencer keyboard with lightening fast response times, these are the kind of accessories that any gamer is going to want to own. And it doesn’t hurt that the laptops, and the accessories in the OMEN range, look terrific!

You can buy the laptops and the accessories from the HP Australia website. Select models of the laptops are also available at JB Hi-fi. The laptop prices range from $1799 to $1999.

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