I’mFit A Smart Sleep and Fitness Tracker

Frederique Bros
on 2 August 2014

I’m a morning person, by 6 am I’m outdoors enjoying the beautiful sunsets on Bronte Beach. I don’t wake up so early in the morning only to enjoy mother nature but also because I have the cutest French Bulldog; Oscar who has needs in the morning. I’m not a big runner but I love walking long distances and sometimes when Oscar is unleashed I have to run behind him without noticing he is transforming into my personal trainer!

This is why I love mixing my morning outdoor escapes with technology helping me track the number of kilometres I walked. For the last few days my new gadget has been around my wrist, I’mFit a smart sleep and fitness tracker. It looks like a ‘normal sports watch’ but this great device gives me more than just the time.


I love devices with batteries that last for a few days – and I’mFit is really great for that – the screen will display when the battery needs to be charged.

To recharge remove the watch place it into the USB and plug the USB into your computer. A full charge should take 1.5 hours and last 4 to 5 days.

Sleepn Tracker

I’mFit not only will track your fitness but also it will track how many hours you sleep.

You will need to enter the sleep mode by a long press on the screen for 3 seconds and do the same when you wake up – easy and simple.

The sleep mode views your quality of sleep as well as your total sleep hours.



I’mFit A Smart Sleep and Fitness Tracker This app works in conjunction with the I’mFit activity tracker. It’s a FREE app you can upload by clicking here.

When the app is on your phone, you set it up by entering your real weight, your age, your height, and your gender. When done, the last thing to do is to connect your phone to the app by pressing the link button and to sync the data, just press ‘Sync”. voila, all done.


You can change the wristband to match your outfit, because the tracker/watch is removable it’s easy to switch to another coloured band. My favourite is the white one, it looks fresh and will go with any of my clothes, even for going to an event!

Colours choices: Black, pink, white, blue and yellow

I love technology and write about it almost every day. We are lucky to have access to amazing fitness trackers like I’mFit – it’s simplifying our lives and helping us to set goals so we feel amazing after a great exercise to start the day at the office.

Where To Buy I’mFit

You can purchase I’mFit by clicking directly on their website, for only $99 (delivery included).

Image Credit: I’mFit Fitness

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