The Hungry Australian: Inspirational and Delicious Food Recipes

By Frederique Bros
on 7 April 2021

We love interviewing inspiring, strong and entrepreneurial women. Recently, we met with Christina, Chief Eater from The Hungry Australian, the blog where you can find inspirational and delicious food recipes! Here’s what she said.

Can you give us a little background on your career to date?

I was born and educated in Adelaide and then worked in London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Leeds and Melbourne. My background is in marketing, fundraising and events for not for profits but I have quite a lot of media experience, too. My last full-time job was as the Executive Director of the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

Tell us how The Hungry Australian came to be.

I started my blog in June 2011, as a way to find the joy in writing again. At the time I was on maternity leave and struggling a bit as a new mum. A very good friend suggested that I start a blog so I did and it’s been an amazing journey. I would never have imagined that my blog would become my calling card, or open the door to so many incredible opportunities. I consider myself very fortunate.

Have you faced some major technology problems when you were creating your business?

Sure. I had no idea how to do anything when I started. You just learn as you go – there’s so much information out there so you can teach yourself most things. My brother is in IT and whenever I had a problem he would just roll his eyes at me and say, “just Google it” so I did. Thanks a lot, bro!

Would you call yourself a techno-savvy woman? And why?

Yes and no. Yes, in that I work a lot online and couldn’t do my job without it. And yes, in that I’ve been using computers since I was 12. But no in that I am not naturally a very technical person. My brain doesn’t really work like that. I know some really tech-savvy girls and guys and they talk in a completely different language.

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Name 3 apps that you can’t live without.

Instagram, Facebook pages and Twitter.

How do you think technology is going to change our life?

Rather than talk about technology in general I’d like to focus on social media, which I actually have a love-hate relationship with. Social media makes it easier to connect and reach out to people while blogging gave me a platform that helped create a new career for me. But social media can also become a trap – it can be incredibly time-consuming and almost addictive. I find I go through phases where I want to be on social media all the time and other times where I have to completely disconnect to avoid burnout. Finding a balance between the virtual and real worlds is really important for me.

Thank you Christina and all the best with your delicious blog.

The Hungry Australian

The Hungry Australian is a blog about the pursuit of a delicious life. Be inspired by personal stories and mouth-watering food and travel experiences. Create your own beautiful moments and memories. Visit the website here: Hungry Australian

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