Be inspired, Try On And Enjoy Our 50USD Gift Card

By Frederique Bros
on 1 June 2014

DressApp is the hottest iPad app for fashionistas who love street fashion which I call Casual Chic. It’s the perfect free app for those who strive to look stylish and fresh while saving time for more important things than searching the web for fancy clothes. Be inspired, try on and enjoy our 50USD gift card.

My Experience with DressApp

I do enjoy this beautifully app on my iPad, it’s easy to browse and I found some really great outfits.

– With one touch I can click on the little heart icon which it will add a number of likes to the image.


– When I saved a picture, it will be added automatically in my virtual basket. When I really like an outfit, I clicked on it.

– Then the photo/outfit will move on the left’s screen.

– and the best about this app, on the right side of the screen, I can see separate elements of the photo, jacket, shoes, belt…

– I will have at least 3 options of prices and retailers for each piece of clothing.

– It won’t be a total outfit without the great accessories selection.

– DressApp do the job for you, no more need to browse thousands of web pages, this app will guide you where to buy the clothes, with the prices, which you can also add to your basket and keep browsing the cool outfits.

– On my side, I found my casual chic outfit, with the ripped jean, silver heels, white jacket and grey tee-shirt.

– The only downside, the app doesn’t layout in landscape, but it’s still fun to play with.

Be inspired, Try On And Enjoy Our Gift: A 50USD Gift Card

DressApp and Women Love Tech teamed up to offer 50USD gift cards to our readers to spend in any great outfit you love! Wanna have free clothes? Who doesn’t! Here the steps to win a gift card.

1. Install DressApp free app in your tablet (click on the icon).

2. Enjoy the app, browse the pages, discover, and select your favourite outfits.

3. At the end of this article, please leave us one sentence (in comments) to tell us what do you like about DressApp.

4. Share this article with your friends.

5. Enjoy your free clothes!

What will you get, using DressApp

It gives the opportunity to follow the trends since it publishes lots of new fresh looks of various styles everyday, so you don’t have to visit lots of different websites in search of inspiration for tomorrow’s outfit.

But what makes this app a true wonder is the ability to buy all the stuff from the look. Not only can you buy the original pieces from the look which can be really expensive, but also the app’s stylists offer a great variety of the pieces looking very alike but which are considerably more affordable. 

The shops are all my favorite and recognized. The interfaces are sleek, understandable and beautiful; this a must-have app for every woman who is interested in styles, trends and shopping. That is this is a must-have for every woman. 

DressApp features

– DressApp will help you end your ongoing hunt for fresh trends and looks, you to experiment with your own style and give you an opportunity to shop at the top online stores.

– Save your favorite pieces for later and we will let you know as soon as they go back on sale. You’ll never miss a chance for a great deal.

– Original pieces and inspired-by products for different prices brought to you by our team of professional stylists.

– Browse lots of hot looks and styles selected by your own criteria like style, season, occasion, etc.



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