Logitech Mouse: Instinctive Touch Navigation

By Frederique Bros
on 12 May 2013

Incredible fast touch mouse. I tried this product a couple of weeks ago. I was amazed at the quality and with the mouse’s speed. I didn’t have to install any program, only my desktop BlueTooth recognised it and I ready to use it within 20 seconds!

Full touch surface for smooth and precise control

Experience navigation that’s fast and fluid wherever your fingers rest on the full responsive touch surface. Effortlessly swipe, scroll, tap and click for a more efficient and productive experience.

Let your fingers get comfortable.

With designed-for-comfort curves, this stylish touch mouse delivers comfortable handling and gesturing for hours on end.

Quick access to Windows 8 Start screen

Easily access your favourite apps on the Windows 8 Start screen with a simple dedicated gesture.

One battery or two makes a difference

You can use one AA battery for a lighter mouse and a three-month battery life*; or use two AAs for a solid feel and six-month run time.** You can also use your own rechargeable batteries.

For more information, visit the Logitech website.

The mouse is valued at AU$89.95

Photo Credit: Logitech

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