International Women’s Day 2024 Theme Revealed: Count Her In

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 29 October 2023

It’s a time for women to band together and UN Women Australia has chosen next year’s theme for International Women’s Day: ‘Count Her In: Accelerating gender equality through economic empowerment’.

‘Count Her In’ highlights the critical importance of women’s economic empowerment as central to realising women’s rights and gender equality.

Simone Clarke, CEO, UN Women Australia, said that when women are empowered to earn and manage their income, make financial decisions and are afforded equal access to finance, everyone benefits.

Count Her In: Accelerating gender equality through economic empowerment - IWD 2024

“Increasing women’s economic empowerment is felt across entire communities. Economies grow, children and families prosper, and importantly, women have resources available to leave abusive situations. This is not just an issue for women, it impacts all of us,” said Simone.

“We need to ensure all women have equal access, capacity and capability to fully participate in the economy. We need to shift behaviours and perceptions that inhibit economic participation and limit investment in women, while we continue to innovate within systems and institutions that often marginalise women.

Count Her In: Accelerating gender equality through economic empowerment - IWD 2024

“Economic empowerment is about removing barriers to financial inclusion and increasing participation, reshaping systems, and improving financial literacy and increased access to capital for all women.

“We must ensure women and girls are given equal opportunity to build their capabilities and strengthen their capacity to learn, earn and lead.”

Count Her In: Accelerating gender equality through economic empowerment

UN Women Australia for International Women’s Day will be celebrated on 8 March 2024, and will foucs on forging pathways to greater economic inclusion for women and girls everywhere.

UN Women Australia will host major events in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and online, where you can hear from the leaders and changemakers who are working to re-shape systems and remove barriers so that all women and girls can realise their full potential and build better financial futures for all of us.

Details on speakers and ticket sales will be released in the coming months. Visit to register your interest.

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