Interview with Social Media Guru, Jeff Bullas

Frederique Bros
on 10 April 2021

I love meeting with hard-working and passionate bloggers. A few weeks ago, I’ve been lucky to have breakfast with Jeff Bullas, the Social Media Guru coming from the blog with the same name: Jeff Bullas, the blog to know and to read for Digital Marketing. So here my interview with a social media guru.

Can you give us a little background on your career to date?

I started my career as a teacher and after a few years moved into sales and marketing in the technology industry starting with computing. I then consulted in the telecommunications sector for some major Telcos. The web emerged and caught my eye and then it was a natural progression to social media after that. The blog was a natural outcome of that mix of tech, teaching and marketing experience.

Tell us about your blog came to be:

The blog was inspired by a few factors. Firstly observing the way social media resonated with people fascinated me. Then after reading “The 4 Hour Work Week” and wanting to develop a platform for expressing my ideas and thoughts the blog was born. It provided a platform to create an online brand and maybe leave a legacy.

Why social media these days is so important?

There are several things that make social media important. It allows you to self publish. It democratizes marketing. It allows you to crowd source your marketing for free. It empowers people to express their passions and ideas to a global audience.

Have you met some major technology problem when you were creating your business?

I have had a few tech problems along the way. Once I had redirect issue with my domain name that had my site offline for about 6 hours. It made me realize how much the blog is woven into my life.  Most have been minor frustrations.

Would you call yourself a tech savvy man? and why?

Tech savvy yes, in that I understand a lot of the principles and how the web hangs together and some of the blogging nuts and bolts. But don’t ask me to write code such as HTML.

Name 3 apps that you can’t live without.

I couldn’t live without these 3 apps.

  • Snagit which allows me to take screenshots and edit them to show how something works or make a visual point in my blog posts.
  • SocialOomph is a web-based tool that allows me to automate Twitter content publishing and following people back. Saves me about 30 hours a week.
  • Hootsuite which helps me with my Twitter social network management.

How do think technology is going to change people’s life?

It is changing people’s life now. It is allowing us to connect with people globally that have the same interests and passions. It is empowering people to self-publish and promote themselves, whether that is writing, videos or music.

Technology is also adding a layer of artificial intelligence that frees us from the mundane and provides the power to be even more creative.

I think the future is very exciting.

Thank you Jeff for your precious time and your amazing advice for my Twitter account, I’ve improved the follower number by 150%!

Visit Jeff Bullas website.

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