Interview with Emilia Rossi about Blogging

By Frederique Bros
on 25 August 2013

On a regular basis, I am interviewing inspiring, strong and entrepreneurial women. This week, I’ve met with Emilia Rossi, Founder and Director of the blog: Emilia Rossi.

Can you give us a little background on career to date?

Whilst working as an Exhibition Designer, I had a burning desire to try something new and in 2008 took the plunge into fashion with once in a lifetime opportunity to work with an international Brazilian label offering handmade leather designs.

I opened a retail and online boutique in Australia. This was an incredible time in my life as I co-managed the operations of the business, organised fashion events, networked with industry people and travelled to Brazil, carefully selecting the designs that would be sold in Australia. This experience reinforced the love I have for fashion and in 2010, after deciding I wanted something more, the brand was born. Fashion Jewellery for Women

Tell us about your blog came to be

We created the fashion and lifestyle blog as a way for us to engage with our customers and in turn, let them engage with our brand. We are careful not to restrict the content of the blog to just jewellery, instead, we open up and speak about fashion, and the other things we love such as beauty, food and travel.

What makes you aim your blog at women?

Through engaging women, we are interacting directly with our target audience. We did a lot of research before launching the blog, looking at the different things women wanted to read or learn more about, and understanding how we could use this knowledge to drive the blog’s content.

Have you met some major technology problem when you were creating your business?

Yes we have and that was the choice of the CMS (Contact Management System) we were going to use. We went through two different CMS before choosing the right one. Choosing the right platform for your online store is about as important as it gets. If you do not have a lightweight, easy to navigate and SEO friendly CMS, it’s going to be a lot harder for you in the long run to adapt to the market and provide your users with the experience they expect when shopping online.

Would you call yourself a techno-savvy woman? and why?

I am definitely a techno-savvy and techno-obsessed girl! Being heavily involved in the online space I enjoy being connected to it 24-7. I love using all the tools and gadgets I have to generate exciting, new and fresh content such as the 15 social media, news and analytics apps I use on my iPhone 5 and iPad on a weekly basis.

Name 3 apps that you can’t live without.

  • Ifttt: Great way to share your content while you sleep.
  • Instagram: Love how I can add short videos of our products for our followers.
  • I use Pandora in the car to listen to my selected types of music.

How do think technology is going to change the women’s life?

Technology allows women, and people in general, the flexibility of making money at home. Whether it’s selling items online, blogging about their daily lives or running an information-based site, technology is allowing us more options and flexibility to be able to break down the traditional conventions of 9-5.

Thank you Emilia for taking the time to answer Women Love Tech questions.

Visit Emilia Rossi’s website

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