Is Marley Spoon The Time Poor At-Home Cooks Solution?

By Frederique Bros
on 17 August 2015

Where thoughts of technology and food combining usually warn of processed or genetically modified foods, recently launched home cooking service Marley Spoon merges the two seamlessly to solve the problem that time-poor at-home cooks are facing – giving them back the time and ability to cook delicious food in their own home.

Although the world of food may appear to be the playground of celebrity Chefs and reality TV producers, the smartest people in technology are disrupting the industry – and it’s completely changing how consumers buy and consume food on a daily basis.

Unlike other similar offerings, however, Marley Spoon’s software enables a greater level of consumer choice, giving customers the option to choose their meals from a constantly changing menu of seven new recipes every week – and that’s the game changer.

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It is this aspect of providing food totally driven by consumer demand that is having the real impact on the food industry – and the impact is being felt from supermarket shelves to farmers. Marley Spoon’s technological prowess allows users to treat their food purchases in the same way they use Netflix – with a greater level of choice, and with the ability to pause and modify service. The brains behind the offering comes in the form of a team comprising arguably some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs – Dan Jarosch, Rolf Webber of Brands Exclusive, and former head of Marketing at Rockstar Games AU, Dave Malcolm, backed by the Co-Founder of Delivery Hero Fabian Siegel, considered one of the most successful food entrepreneurs globally.

With comparative New York based company Blue Apron selling 3 million meals per month, and closing their last round of funding at a $2 billion valuation, it’s easy to see that the scope for Marley Spoon’s growth – and impact – is huge. Internationally, businesses operating in the same space as Marley Spoon have completely changed the face of farming, with farmers and their growing cycles becoming influenced by the consumer demand for home cooking menus, rather than by the demands of supermarkets. 

Not just solving the growing international problem of time poor but health conscious people who want to cook at home, another large part of their Marley Spoon quest is the reduction of food waste. The Marley Spoon systems use recyclable packaging and send only the required amounts of products per recipe – a big step towards reducing the 4 million tonnes of food wasted by Australian households each year.

Price & Availability

Marley Spoon is available across Sydney now, and meals start from $9.95.

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