Is Technology Opening Up New Opportunities For Mortgage Brokers?

Alice Duthie
on 10 August 2022

Report by Lisa Sweeney, CEO of Business In Heels.

Mortgaging broking would be considered an ideal job for mums who want to work. This is due to it’s highly flexible nature, with much of the work occurring at times when their clients are home, like evenings & weekends. Plus, it supports many of women’s great skills in relationship building & empathy. However, that is not the case at the moment but things are changing.

According to the FBAA the industry is dominated by men, with over 70%. Peter White the CEO of the association shared that this was due to the safety aspect. “Many women are uncomfortable about meeting new clients in their homes”. A fact that is totally understandable they don’t know what they are walking into. Peter in fact shared that in his history in the industry that he to has had his share of scary moments. “You don’t know what situation you are walking into”.

Currently referrals are a keyway to reduce the risk of the situation. In others a first meeting is often held on “neutral territory”, like a public café. For many home buyers this does not work due to family commitments.

Until recently face to face meetings have been mandatory to verify applicant’s identities and to build the relationships. It allows the broker to get a feel for the household, their challenges & dreams enabling them to better meet their needs and of course land the deal.

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COVID has enabled digital online identity verification and Zoom has changed up the situation. Many brokers are now choosing to save travel time by having their first meetings over Zoom.

Another technology solution is being provided by Nodifi.  It’s an award-winning, cloud-based tech platform that delivers solutions where brokers can seamlessly offer multi-channel, multi-product, and multi-service solutions. Chief Revenue Officer, Alex Brgudac proudly comments, “Nodifi will simplify brokers’ lives, allowing them to truly serve customers with all their needs. As well as providing solutions for large national brokerage firms, it addresses legacy thinking and will enable smaller or part time brokers to do less volume but earn more.”

For example, a mortgage broker has helped the Smith family, a family of four with their new home purchase in anticipation of their twins being born. Leveraging several data sources, the mortgage broker can effortlessly support them in getting the people mover they need to move their family of 6 and their new dog Charlie. It doesn’t stop there, because Mr Smith who is a self employed plumber will need help with cash flow as he plans to take some time off when the twins are born. Nodifi has a philosophy of achieving ‘more together’.

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Alex Brgudac is a passionate advocate for diversity and “sees it allowing brokers to support their lifestyle and even work part-time. Our technology is about working smarter, not harder”

If you feel your company is innovative in gender equity activities, please nominate them Recalibrate: Gender Equity Awards. The purpose is to establish the best practices being implemented across the market. Nominations close 1 September.

Gender Equity Awards: 16 November Crown Casino Melbourne.

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