I’ve Tested The Pet Remote Control On My Dog

Frederique Bros
on 19 February 2014

Those days you can transform your mobile phone into a remote control to do almost everything. You can open your garage door, dim the lights in your living area and now you can use a pet remote control on your dog. I’ve tested the app and gadget all together on my very cheeky French Bulldog, Oscar. He is certainly cute and lovely but he is also the most stubborn dog I ever had. I think you will have a good laugh and you will make your own opinion after reading this article.

How Does the Pet Remote Control Work

  • You need to purchase the Pet Remote and upload the app of the same name to your phone. 29.99 Euros
  • Attach the device to your dog’s collar.
  • When the free app is uploaded – set up your 3 main commands with the option of a bib, a vibration, or both. I picked Sit, Down and Come.
  • Personally, I tested first on my hand – just to be sure I don’t electrocute my dog, and the vibration of the device is more gentle than your phone’s vibration. Perfect.
  • Pet-Remote works in combination with a free App for iOS and Android and communicates with Bluetooth Smart. Pet-Remote is no shock collar – it definitely won’t hurt your beloved dog! We simply use vibration which your dog can feel and react to it.
  • You are meant to test at least 3 times the same command on your dog.

What the Company Says

  • Due to the vibrating collar, your dog knows exactly what you want him to do. This makes it also easy for other people like your dog sitter to control your dog and you don’t have to worry. You can tell your dog to do standard commands or advanced tricks.
  • Pet-Remote is a gentle and dog-friendly way to communicate. You and your dog will love it!
  • Pet-Remote offers a new and easy way to communicate with your dog.

What is my Verdict

When Oscar is unleashed in the park and I asked him to come, he will look at me and suddenly he will run in the opposite direction! The idiot who is running after her dog in the park – it’s me! Yes my dog is keeping me fit and yet… very frustrated.

  • With the same exercise in the park with the remote, (after Oscar smelled and peed on every tree and plant), he responded a bit faster than usual. Bliss.
  • I re-tried the same exercise at some distance this time, and surprisingly I saw my little Frenchie happy to come to me.
  • If the collar is turned – the device won’t be in contact with the dog’s skin and he won’t feel the vibrations.
  • I found it a bit annoying to grab my phone all the time to make vibrating the device. My advice: disable your security code on your phone to access quickly to the app.


It’s a lot of fun and I think it would be much easier to use the pet remote on a well-trained dog like a labrador – French Bulldogs are very well-known to do whatever they want, and Oscar is no exception. But maybe on a well-trained dog, you don’t need a pet remote control at all.

On my side, I had a good laugh with this gadget.

To purchase the pet remote, please visit the site.

Images: Oscar & Pet-Remote.

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