Jabra Elite Sport – Finally, Bluetooth Earphones That Work

By Women Love Tech
on 9 October 2017

Jabra Elite Sport’s provide an elegant, yet powerful solution to wireless earphone technology; increasing battery life, audio quality, and microphone clarity.

The truly wireless earphones released by Jabra is a refreshing take upon cordless earbud technology; engineering earphones that incorporate a range of audio innovations to ultimately perfect the user experience. The team at Women Love Tech were blown away with our time with the earphones, thoroughly enjoying the process of determining our individual fitting options to ensure comfort and security. Even through vigorous exercise, Jabra’s earphones would remain firmly within our ear, and the endless stream of music would continue booming.

Some of the most remarkable features of  these wireless earphones include an unbelievable 13.5 hours of battery life (when using the portable charge case between charges); each charge lasting up to 4.5 hours! The earbuds have also been internationally certified to be waterproof – up until 1 metre underwater. Additionally, Jabra offers a 3-year limited warranty against damage caused by sweat.

Unsurprisingly, the audio quality/experience of the wireless earphones is incomparable to its competitors. Unlike most Bluetooth earbuds, Jabra’s solution works effortlessly with extremely rare cases of dropouts. It is also uplifting to encounter Bluetooth earphones that integrate physical input; a feature that has become increasingly unpopular in favour of tedious and cumbersome software controllers.

Jabra’s Elite Sport is proof that wireless earbuds can exist without being a completely demoralising and frustrating experience. The ‘Elite Sport’ earphones are an excellent display of Jabra’s mastery of functionality and design to provide their users with an unbeatable, and entirely wireless audio experience.

Jabra’s Elite Sport Bluetooth earphones are currently available for AU$349.00; including an assortment of interchangeable earpieces to custom fit them to your ear and a portable charger case. Additional information is available on Jabra’s website


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