Janelle Tamlyn On Why Women Should Pursue A Career In STEM

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on 16 December 2017

Janelle Tamlyn is the Associate Director of Client Support And Service Improvements at University of Tasmania. Here, she talks to Women Love Tech about why she believes more women should pursue a career in STEM.

Here is a transcript of Janelle’s interview:

We definitely need more women in IT without a doubt we could be doing so much more in this space and I feel that one of the challenges we have in terms of attracting women comes down to the influence we have on our young women.

We are always presenting at particular conferences and are trying to drive more attendance in STEM-led subjects and trying to demonstrate the interest, the wonder and the opportunity. Many girls are not even aware that certain careers exist or that Stem-led subjects can end up creating a pathway into those areas of work.

We recently held a women in technology event based around creating a support network where we really encourage women to support one another to succeed in these particular roles and disciplines so that we can act as role models for our young women.

Then when they see us doing this, they too believe it is something we can do.

I think we can always improve on innovation by having more diversity come to the table and as we start to discover the benefits of women coming to the table and the diversity that they bring ….there are a number of things they can offer. When we all start to recognise the value that that brings I think collectively when you bring diversity to the table which is exactly what that does you automatically start to come up with different ideas. There is so much room for improvement in that space.

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