Julian Butler From Zetaris Calls For Diversity And More Women In Tech

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on 3 October 2023

At the recent Tech Leaders Forum for 2023, held in the Hunter Valley of NSW, we spoke with Julian Butler, Vice President of Industry Solutions at Zetaris – an Australian software company. Julian told us about how the “extremely exciting, cutting-edge, world-leading data technology platform” Zetaris values diversity and aims to get more women on the team.

“Our software team is based in Australia and I think it’s fair to say that we value diversity above all else,” Julian told Women Love Tech. “Yes, we have brilliant developers, but more than anything, the way that we’ve structured our Agile operating model is that our team works together in a really collaborative way.”

Julian continued saying: “It works best to the extent that we have people from all walks of life, from all different cultures, coming together and challenging each other to really create a new and innovative product.”

Julian Butler, Vice President of Industry Solutions at Zetaris.

As we talked with Julian at the Tech Leaders Forum, Julian said: “So, I would say, the experience of working at Zetaris is one, extremely exciting because we’re an early-stage company which is growing very rapidly. But secondly, it’s a culture which is not about command control. It’s a culture which is really centred on enabling everyone to bring their very best to the development of our product.”

In fact – he called out to the readers of Women Love Tech saying: “And we’d be thrilled if you do watch this video and you’re interested in joining a company like us, for you to reach out to us and explore opportunities with Zetaris.”

Who is Zetaris?

Zetaris is the Australian-built, unified data preparation studio, and as well as expanding in Australia, the company is now turbocharging its expansion into North America, opening a second office in San Francisco, complementing the company’s existing Palo Alto office, to further bolster growth and client adoption. 

What does Zetaris do?

Whether it’s in the cloud, on-premises, or multiple devices, you get a single, unified view of your data and it enables faster, more comprehensive, accurate data insights. CEO and founder of Zetaris, Vinay Samuel, has spent the past year splitting his time between Australia and North America and he says the time is right to expand the company’s presence in the US with a second office.

Zetaris has an impressive list of customers in Australia including McDonalds, Westpac, Qantas, David Jones, Seek, Dulux, Telstra, NSW and Victorian governments, Lendlease and others.

For more information about Zetaris, visit here.

For more information from Women Love Tech about women in software development, visit here.

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