Kikr App Personalized Shopping That Pays You

By Frederique Bros
on 8 September 2015

Personalized shopping that pays you – too good to be true right? Not for long, and it’s just an app download away.

Meet Kikr – The 1st Retail Rewards Card for the Social GenerationTM

The app combines lifestyle imagery with products for sale from your favourite brands and stores with the ability to build personalized themed collections of new products for sale.

  • You then share the collections with friends and followers and any of the items purchased will earn you instant credit onto your Kikr card.
  • All credit can be used towards future purchases from the 200+ nationwide merchants or 1000+ brands currently on Kikr.
  • The best part is that you are also rewarded for any of the shopping that you do– it’s a loyalty program that works everywhere.
  • You earn credit for every dollar spent on purchases and double credit on the purchase referral commissions.

The team has partnered with major stores such as H+M, TopShop, Lids, American Apparel, Forever21, Banana Republic, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue just to name a few. The founder, Ali Sammour, has a deep background in fashion and tech having cultivated brands from the ground up. When asked what inspired him to build a social platform completely focused on shopping, he says “There’s been a major shift in our shopping behavior these past few years between Tweens and Millennials. Instagram and Pinterest have really changed the game when it comes to influencing style and brand discovery while fashionistas, stylists and bloggers are now the trendsetters guiding how we find out and even perceive a brand. I sought a way to reward our generation of consumers that’s geared to the way we now shop – smart, savvy and on the move. A genuine recommendation from a friend or influencer I follow goes much further than seeing a product on a celebrity. There wasn’t anything that did that so we built it keeping in mind that it had to be fun and rewarding whether browsing for staples at H+M or a token accessory at Tom Ford.”

As for using Kikr, it is extremely easy, fun and entertainingly addicting. The best way to describe it after a sneak peek is like shopping for a personalized digital magazine where you can instantly save and buy your favourite products. Once you add your credit card, it’s a one-button checkout and any items selected regardless of the store it’s chosen from are purchased seamlessly with their universal checkout cart. With over 1000+ brands ranging from fast fashion to high-end luxury, you will find all of the latest products and styles of the season.

There’s also an interactive Inspiration segment that feels like you’re cruising a shoppable Instagram feed – allowing you to upload images and tag them with brands and stores for instant themed shopping posts. It will be available beginning this September just in time for back to school on both the Apple App and Google Play stores. In case you were still wondering, it is free.

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