Kodak 10 Inch Ring Light Review

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on 12 May 2021

The Kodak 10-inch Ring Light is an impressive multi-function light ideal for a range of photography and videoing situation. (Model RL001)

It’s perfect for live streaming, vlogging and online meetings. You can use the right light for product, food and close up photography. I like to use my ring light when it’s night time or overcast.

You can use the ring light with DSLR cameras, all smartphones and action cams (with a maximum weight of 2kg).

The light gray soft-cover carry case is easy to carry. It contains everything you need to set up the right light. The case contains a tripod, Bluetooth shutter, universal smartphone clamp, ¼ inch thread adapter, user manual, carry case, light controller and UBS plug.

Kodak Ring Light Setup

It’s best to not power up the device via a laptop or any other external devices USB port. Use only 5V/2a USB sockets connected directly to a wall mount or powerbank device.

It’s easy to set up an add all of the elements together.

Kodak Ring Light Features

  • super compact and easy to use
  • powerful 1800 Lumen output
  • Universal smartphone holder and ¼ inch camera attachment make this light a truly universal solution.
  • Compatible with all smartphones and cameras up to 2 kg
  • Adjustable light power and colour balance: warm, neutral, cool (3500K-5500K) enables any skin tone to look natural
  • Durable aluminium alloy tripod with adjustable height (38 cm – 73 cm)
  • A sturdy carry case

The Kodak 10-inch Ring Light is the perfect option if you want a single light product that is adaptable to a range of situations and easy to take with you.

The Kodak Ring Light 10’’ is currently our bestselling product, you can buy the Official Kodak Ring Light 10” Store at https://kodakringlight.com.

Warranty EU 24 months. Other countries 12 months from date of purchase.

It is manufactured by Eye Caramba, Finland.

About Kodak Ring Light

A must-have addition to any home filmmaker’s setting, the KODAK Ring Light 10” is sure to transform your projects for the better. Featuring 120 high-quality LEDs with adjustable colour balance and brightness, you can tailor its appearance to suit your exact specifications. Seamlessly eliminating all unwanted shadows too, all photos and footage appear vibrant, crystal clear and professional.

About Eye Caramba Ltd.

Eye Caramba Ltd, is a leading manufacturer of smartphone photography products. Based in Helsinki, Finland, Eye Caramba designs functional and easy-to-use products that enable your smartphone to become a better camera. The product portfolio consists of different high-quality optical lenses, tripods and handles, filming grips, photo cases, photography lights and remote shutters, anything a smartphone photographer needs. Eye Caramba’s products are available globally, on leading ecommerce platforms as well as in travel retail, consumer electronics, photography and mobile phone stores.

The Kodak trademark, logo and trade dress are used under license from Kodak. The Kodak Ring Light is a combined production of Kodak and Eye CarambaLtd, produced under the Kodak license.

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