Lander’s iPhone-friendly Torrey Cases Are Perfect For The Modern Explorer

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on 7 April 2021

Raise your hand if you use your phone as your primary camera when you travel, even if and when you go camping or adventuring. And give a shout if you’ve worried about dropping your phone while taking a picture or a selfie when you’re hiking or trekking. These problems are legit, and Lander – the creator of expedition-inspired mobile accessories – has designed a phone case that’s a perfect solution.

The Lander Torrey case, built for the modern explorer and available exclusively for Apple products, is a case that provides quality protection from the elements. It’s a must-have for all hikers, selfie-takers, and lovers of the outdoors.

Prolonged exposure to temperatures that swing outside of 0-35°C can negatively impact the daily performance, and permanently damage an iPhone’s battery. The Torrey case protects against this; it’s built with a layer of Thermoline™ insulation, which keeps your iPhone at an optimal working temperature, even when you’re off exploring in extreme climates.

And not that we condone it, but since “extreme selfie-taking” has been a thing for a while now, the least we can do is recommend keeping yourself and your phone safe with the Torrey case’s detachable lanyard that helps prevent your iPhone from dropping. A smooth pebble-like outer case texture ensures that you have a secure grip on your phone in all situations. Interesting feature: the lanyard has a reflective stitched detail which catches light, thereby making the Torrey case easy to find in the dark or in your bag. Perfect when you’re camping!

And if you do drop your iPhone, fear not, because the Torrey case’s high impact-resistant TPU construction can withstand a fall from up to 3 meters! Well, not saying you should carelessly drop your phone down a 10-foot rock cliff now, but it’s good to know it can stand the fall just in case, right?

The Torrey case is custom-built for the iPhone – its ultra-thin, lightweight and slim, fitting perfectly with the iPhone. It’s available in neutral shades like taupe or black, as well as mauve and blue for those who prefer a splash of colour in the wilderness.

The Lander Torrey Case is priced at $40 and is compatible with iPhone 12 and Plus models. The case is available on and in select Apple stores, as well as on the Lander website.

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