Let’s Make Animal Sculptures with Jekca

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on 15 March 2021

I was so impressed by the Jekca in stock at the local shop that I was tempted to buy one on the spot. Here’s some more information about these pieces of art.


The kits contain everything you need to make one sculpture. Think bags of blocks, paper instructions in colour and all of the right tools you need to finish your project.

Once you have laid out everything, then you might to pop on some music, (Triple J or Double J), or listen to David Attenborough’s latest documentary on Netflix.

The kits come in an awesome range of different animals. I was pleasantly surprised to find Australian cattle dogs, kelpies, shepherds and corgis, as well as cats. You can also buy koalas, kangaroos, turtles and tortoises, pandas, tigers, leopard gecko, orangutans, elephants, penguins and sharks. There’s even a Sulphur-crested cockatoo.

These are ideal to give your older children as a gift or buy one for yourself. If you are a pet owner, you might be surprised to find your breed of cat or dog.

If you like architecture and buildings you might like to create your own Colosseum, Moai Statue, Pyramide De Louvre or travel to England with a miniature Stonehenge. Teachers might like these for their classroom as fun and educational teaching aids.

When your kids decide to abort their play to get a Kool-aid and head outside, you can offer to step in and finish making the sculpture for them standing up at the dining room table or kitchen bench, or outside on a large coffee table.

If you’re looking for a smaller project for your friend, then check out the pet-themed remote-control racks, phone stands or pencil cups to decorate their desk at work or home.

jekca corgi

You can buy Jekca online https://www.jekca.com/ overseas and from Jekca Australia https://www.jekca.com.au/.

The kits are stocked in Monster Threads – if want to purchase some other cool gifts at the same time.

About Jekca

Challenging the conventional way of building bricks, JEKCA aims at creating sturdy and detailed models that can fit to everyone’s daily life.

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