Let’s Take A Walk Through A Data Centre And Discover More About Them

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 18 March 2021

Data Centres are fundamental technology infrastructures required to running the internet, many applications, and software that lives in the ‘cloud’ (think Gmail and Office 365).

Data centres are managed by a team of specialist ICT professionals, who look after the storage, networking and power components. A company may outsource its reliable and secure network needs to an external Data Centre.

Machine rooms are temperature-controlled and filled with racks of servers. Each server needs power and internet connections via different network cabling. They need to be designed to allow efficient cooling of the equipment.

How Does a Data Centre Work?

Without spending all day learning new acronyms – how a Data Centres works is hard to explain. But here are some walkthrough videos from Google explaining what they do and how their data centres operate:

Security in a data centre is usually first class. These systems are multi-layered to ensure your data, applications and software are protected.

Data Centres are vital and critical to business operation and continuity. Do you know where your data and information is stored?

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