LG’s Matte Black Kitchen Range Is Ultra-Modern And Stunning

The new Matte Black range of appliances will make your kitchen look like it's out of a really stylish movie set!

LG's Matte Black Kitchen Range Is A Total Bomb And We Are Digging it!

LG has upped its game with a new collection consisting of a Matte Black colour range of kitchen appliances. This is the company’s take on the modern Australian kitchen has never looked sexier!

Style? Check. Innovation? Check. Convenience? Check. The Matte Black range includes a NeoChef microwave oven, refrigerators including Door-In-Door models, and a QuadWash dishwasher.

Maintain the freshness of your food and only take out what you need from the fridge. There’s a new innovation in LG’s InstaView – with two quick knocks, the sleek glass panel on the front of the fridge turns transparent to reveal the interior.

LG's Matte Black Kitchen range
LG’s Matte Black Kitchen range

This not only makes it ideal for ‘foodies’ (no more wondering what you want to eat, with the fridge door open) but it also reduces cold air loss, thereby helping food stay fresh and cool.

Cleaning can be sophisticated too: Your kitchen interior will be really chic and classy with the LG QuadWash dishwasher in Matte Black.

LG's Matte Black Kitchen dishwasher

It has a state-of-the-art technology on the inside that guarantees your dishes are as immaculate as your kitchen.

Style and speed combined: The NeoChef in Matte Black is a microwave oven that looks as sleek as it is quick.

LG's Matte Black Kitchen - microwave
LG’s Matte Black Kitchen

Its innovative features include simplified controls and a piece of glass on the front door for a seamless, stylish appearance.

For more information about the new range, visit the LG website.

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