Life Inside Dropbox: Staff Perks and Programs

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on 31 March 2021

We chatted with Nathaneal Peacock, PR and Communications Manager, Dropbox Australia about the perks and programs of working at Dropbox:

Dropbox has been globally rolling out a number of new programs that make it an amazing place to work for anyone.

This year Dropbox launched our Virtual First program, where we are now conducting all of our work remotely as the primary way of working, and have Dropbox Studios set to open later this year for collaborative, team-based work. A key part of Virtual First is core collaboration hours, which means Dropboxers are working synchronously with colleagues around the globe from 9 am – 1 pm local time, and the remaining time spent working flexibly on asynchronous work. This flexibility means our Dropboxers can schedule their work time around other personal commitments like school pickups, appointments or programs. 

Under our Dropbox perks program, we’ve rolled out a new employee perks allowance to support Dropboxers working from home. The allowance of $7000 USD per employee per year can be used on a wide range of support the employee might need to do their work remotely. This allowance includes caregiver and family support such as childcare services, in-home care, after school services, pet training and pet insurance. It also looks at fitness and wellbeing as well as ergonomics support, groceries, learning and development and much more. 

On top of this, we’ve also launched a series called Dropboxers at Home, which is a program built to keep Dropboxers connected, and also provide skills and support to keep the Dropbox community vibrant and alive. These activities include home cooking tips and classes, home maintenance workshops, flower arranging, latte art and more. 

These are just a couple of the ways that Dropbox is supporting team members in our Virtual First program, designed to help Dropboxers do their best work, and stay connected with friends, family and teammates. #LifeInsideDropbox

Dropbox exists wherever our people do. We are now a Virtual First company. Our shift to Virtual First means that remote work (outside an office) will be the primary experience for all Dropboxers. We want our employees to have more control over how they work and support our company mission of designing a more enlightened way of working. We believe the world can work better. Join us!

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About Dropbox

Dropbox is building the world’s first smart workspace.

Back in 2007, making work better for people meant designing a simpler way to keep files in sync. Today, it means designing products that reduce busy work so you can focus on the work that matters.

Most “productivity tools” get in your way. They constantly ping, distract and disrupt your team’s flow, so you spend your days switching between apps and tracking down feedback. It’s busywork, not the meaningful stuff. Dropbox want to change this.

Dropbox believe there’s a more enlightened way to work. Dropbox helps people be organised, stay focused and get in sync with their teams.

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