LinkedIn Australia’s Top 12 Most Engaged And Viewed Influencers

Emeric Brard
on 13 January 2020

LinkedIn, a social media community for professionals, where people share content and connect with one another in order to broaden their work horizons; has recently compiled a list of 12 members in Australia who are getting the most attention, the most views and are generally the most active across a range of industries.

Diverse in terms of both the industries and the members, the spotlight on Australia will be shone upon members from within the Government, Health and Wellness, Construction, Higher Education and Hospital and Healthcare.

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Here are the 12 spotlight members of Linkedin:

1# Victor Dominello – Minister for Customer Service – NSW

Spotlight, government, victor dominello
  • Has been an active member in the community who has regularly asked for feedback and has engaged with the community regarding the launch of the NSW Digital Driver’s Licence.

2# Mohammed Yassin – Commissioner at the Victorian Multicultural Commission

Mohammed Yassin, commissioner, spotlight, LinkedIn

3# Kate Jones – Minster for Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and Minister for the Commonwealth Games

Kate Jones, minister of tourism, linkedin

4# Jane Issitt – Director at Distinct Renovation

Jane Issett, spotlight, LinkedIn

#5 Mick Hughes – Physiotherapist at The Melbourne Posts Medicine Centre

mick hughes, physiotherapy

6# Bec Rowe – Workplace Wellness Consultant at Pinnacle Health Group Australia

Bec Rowe, spotlight
  • Often shares her views on health to the community such as things like the importance of sleep and the vulnerabilities of the ‘imposter syndrome’ that we may face in the workplace.

7# Tracy Kitching – Owner of Tracey’s Wellness Mojo

Tracy Kitching

8# Uwe Aickelin – Head of School of Computing and Information Systems at University of Melbourne

Uwe Aickelin
  • Has been sharing his perspectives via articles and posts on the impact of AI on the Education sector and building a workforce for the future.

9# Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh – Director of the Centre of Advanced Solid and Liquid based Elect at UNSW

Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh, Linkedin

10# Sandeep ReddyMember and Roster of Digital Health Experts at The WHO

Sandeep reddy

11# Dr Raj Khillan – Pediatrician at Western Health

Raj Khillan

12# Dania Khawaja – Surgical Assistant at Renaissant Aesthetic Health

Dania Khawaja, surgeon

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