Lisa Sweeney, Business in Heels CEO, Shares Her Favourite Apps

By Women Love Tech
on 24 April 2019

“I simply cannot travel to all these locations. So these days, I’ve become the master of the virtual coffee date via Zoom.  Zoom has been great and we love to use it for online meetings, online networking events, team meetings and webinars.”

Zoom App

That said, Lisa is a lover of travel… and great coffee.  So when on the road, she uses Uber, Google Translate and Culture Trip. This last one gives you amazingly quirky details about countries and cities and allows you to find the hidden gems like the best rooftop bars, best coffee, best kept secrets and loads of mysterious local laws. “Did you know there is a law in Switzerland that bans reciting poetry whilst skiing?” says Lisa. “I wonder if that’s so locals can make out all that yodeling?” 

Culture Trip App
Culture Trip App

Lisa loves conducting Facebook Live interviews, she feels amazingly lucky to interview some incredible business women. “When I am out and about the Speed Test app is essential for me. You need to have at least 5mbps upload speed to get online.”

SpeedTest App

“Who can keep all their passwords straight?  Last Pass is a favourite for keeping all my passwords straight and it has allowed me to share these with my team in a secure and easy to control way.”

“Of course, don’t forget the Business in Heels app!  We launched it a few months ago at our Business Solutions Summit. It was a nail-biting affair.  Heleen from App City is an amazing developer and she helped us get it up and running in time for the summit.  It meant the attendees had details online of their workshop contents and rooms, the venue map and the names of the 100 attendees.  It made the whole event run very smoothly and facilitated connection with a forum to chat on.  Participants posted selfies and fun shots throughout the day and left feedback on the various workshops.  It was invaluable for us as a business.”

Business in heels App
Business in Heels App

Today, BiH members are using it to keep across our events, connect with new members, search Directory listing, listen to podcasts and read blogs. If you have a business that provides these sorts of benefits to your clients then an app becomes really worthwhile.

So Lisa, could you run your business without tech?

“Not this business!  Tech has become a staple.  It provides opportunities to connect, inform and stay relevant.  I shudder at the thought of returning to smoke signals.”

Lisa Sweeney, Business in Heels CEO, Shares Her Favourite Apps
Co-Owners Jo Plummer & Lisa Sweeney

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