Listen To Grace Tame And Mel Leong On Spotify’s ‘Pod Club’: More Than Talk

Alice Duthie
on May 10, 2022

Today Spotify launches Australia’s very first ‘pod club’ with More than Talk, a content series hosted by podcast guru Melissa Leong, with some of Australia’s most iconic personalities, including Grace Tame, as her guests.

More than Talk will immerse Aussies into podcast culture, inviting them to uncover fresh podcasts and perspectives, expanding their listening horizons. The series will reveal the guests’ hidden gems and guilty pleasures, showing them in a new never-before-seen light.

The More than Talk line-up will cover the full spectrum of podcasts with diverse conversations that span true crime to comedy, including:

Grace Tame And Mel Leong
Grace Tame And Mel Leong

The first episode with Australian icon Grace Tame is available now on YouTube, featuring Grace’s favourite comedy podcast LOLs and why she’s choosing to say SCONO.

Spotify has 3.6 million podcasts and many of then play a pivotal role in people’s audio experience, particularly when it comes to keeping up with cultural conversations and stories.

Check out the teaser here:

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