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Make Music From The Comfort Of Your Chrome With Google’s Chrome Music Labs

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“How to learn music online in a time of COVID?”

With Google’s Chrome Music Labs you can draw music, learn arpeggios, make melodies, play with your voice and more, all in your browser. 

We put all experiments together here:

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There are 14 experiments available, and the best thing is, you can check them all out directly from our post!

  1. Chords
  2. Arpeggios
  3. Sound waves
  4. Strings
  5. Piano roll
  6. Voice spinner
  7. Spectrogram
  8. Kandinsky
  9. Song maker
  10. Rhythm
  11. Melody maker
  12. Harmonics
  13. Oscillators
  14. Bonus: Shared piano
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These piano experiments will:

  • Help you train your ear
  • Grow your music theory knowledge
  • Sharpen your piano skills while having fun!

For full information about each one of these experiments visit:

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