Make Your Smart Home Smarter: Invest In The Right Devices

Emeric Brard
on 14 April 2021

We’re undoubtedly in the midst of an internet age. Everything’s connected, our TVs, laptops, and security cameras. It’s all connected to a Wi-Fi system, but you probably knew that already. What I bet you didn’t know, is that all of these home devices can be hacked in under 120 seconds, essentially making us instantly vulnerable.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in the right devices, we’re talking quality devices, not the cheap ones that can barely integrate the most basic of security measures. That’s how you get cyber-robbed. And when you get cyber-robbed, everything in your “Cloud” becomes potentially accessible, including credit cards, personal emails and texts, media files, bank statements, passwords…do I really need to keep this list going?

Obviously you need to avoid this at all costs. Here’s Evolt‘s Chief Marketing Officer, Ben Green’s insights on how to keep your smart home secure

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Ben Green

Research Your Device!

I cannot stress this enough.

For example, imagine you need to buy a new smart lightbulb to set the mood in your home, what you’re going to NOT want to do is just choose one because it looks pretty. No. Don’t do that.

Research the brand and its history, verify its accreditations/certifications, and go through reviews. Also check their social media accounts and website to see if it seems authentic. Basically, you need to verify if it’s reputable.

Next you’re going to want to check to see if it’s designed for the Australian market and if it has easy-to-access local support. Go for leading, smart lighting brands like Wiz Connected Pro, which ensure quality, security, and which have been built to meet Australian standards.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

When you’re in-store, there’s no shame in following up on any questions you may have:

  • How secure is each lightbulb?
  • Are you required to provide your personal details in order to control the lightbulb via a smart app?
  • How will the lightbulb work with my existing smart home technologies (smart speaker, video doorbell, smart TV, etc.) 
  • Are you a cyber-robber? (don’t ask that one, you’ll make it too obvious)

When your smart lighting is being setup, inquire with the electrician on whether or not it meets Australian standards, and more importantly whether it has any history of flickering (a common sign of cheap bulbs).

Make Sure You Can Scale Your Smart Home

When you buy one smart light, it’s likely you’ll want to buy another one; it’s like online shopping, you just can’t stop. Make sure you can easily purchase other products that can be integrated with your smart home hubs such as Google Home and Alexa.

Protect Your Wi-Fi

Please, for the love of security, do NOT make your password – “Password” or “123456”. I can see you changing your password right now – I’m disappointed. It sounds ridiculous and obvious, but millions do it because it’s easy to remember. But again, that’s how you get cyber-robbed.

Use a strong encryption method, like WPA2, when setting up your Wi-Fi network access. Remember to use upper and lower cases, at least one number, and a symbol. Here’s an example: Cyberbullygo@way56

That should do the trick.

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