My Makeup Collection: A Makeup and Cosmetic App For Beauty Lovers

Frederique Bros
on 21 November 2013

My Makeup Collection is a mobile makeup management application. The apps most enthusiastic users are beauty bloggers, who love the ability to post swatches and quick reviews from the app to blogs. Makeup artists can use the app to track their portfolio and demonstrate versatility to customers on the go. 

My Makeup Collection is a useful tool for many women with a passion for cosmetics. It’s a perfect makeup and cosmetic app for beauty bloggers.

My Makeup Collection Features

  • Review makeup collection at a glance including graphs to understand exactly how many of each item type, brand and colour user owns
  • Tag photos of favourite makeup looks with the products used, allowing users to keep a track of products and replicate makeup looks with ease
  • Blog reviews straight to WordPress, Blogger and Typepad blogs direct from app including product swatches
  • Keeps track of what makeup items users have at home and allows users to compare new items to what they already have in inventory while shopping on a job
  • Wishlists to allow users to keep a track of the products they want and email it to friends and family

My Makeup Collection “MMC” is an innovative new app that allows users to catalogue their current makeup collection in a personal database on their phone and develop a wishlist of new items. Free typing users enter each piece of makeup classifying it by brand, type (ie lip balm/lip color), place of purchase and colour as well as the ability to attach a photo of the product. Users can review and rate products and share by email or Facebook.

“We are very excited to launch the Android version of our popular iOS app to the Google Play store providing a full complement of services across all smartphones. Our app is proving very popular with users who find it more convenient for makeup organizing than traditional makeup spreadsheets” says Rebecca Collins, founder of My Makeup Collection.

When users are testing makeup in-store they can review how the makeup fits with their current collection and avoids repurchasing duplicate unwanted items. Users can place items on a wishlist, and share these with friends and family for gift giving or simply use these to remember what they want to buy themselves!

Download from the My Makeup Collection website:

About My Makeup Collection

My Makeup Collection is the brain child of Rebecca Collins. Rebecca is an engineer by trade and has worked extensively as an analyst. She is experienced at organizing data and recognised that the “stash spreadsheets” beauty bloggers had been using for keeping a track makeup and cosmetics lacked vital functions such as:

  • The ability to link product pictures (or swatches) with product descriptions,
  • The ability to compare swatches of products already purchased with new products at the store whilst shopping,
  • The ability to blog short product reviews on the go as soon as products are tested or purchased.

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