Small Businesses Band Together To Keep Local Customers

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on 1 November 2017

Collaboration is the word of the day. So it’s not surprising to learn that Australia’s small businesses are banding together to keep local customers coming through their doors.

A quarter of every dollar spent in Australia goes to a small business. More importantly, on average, 42 cents of each dollar spent at a small business is reinvested back into that local community. This trend, coined the ‘Boomerang Dollar’, shows how important local business is to us all.

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American Express’s Shop Small initiative kicked off this month with the released of a fascinating report about local shopping habits and insights.

Overall Australians are still choosing larger companies over smaller independent businesses. Only 29 per cent of consumers claim to have increased their shopping frequency with small businesses in the past year, compared to 37 per cent in 2016.

Despite this, the outlook for small business is positive, with 43 per cent of small businesses reported increased turnover in the past year, and 41 per cent holding steady. This is good news for more than just the small business sector as almost half of what we spend in small businesses is invested back into local economies.

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Katrina Konstas, American Express’ Vice President for Small Merchants said, “What goes around comes around. Independent businesses have long been recognised as a source of employment and neighbourhood character, but the multiplier effect of choosing to spend money at small businesses is less well known.

“The ‘Boomerang Dollar’ effect shows that almost $38 billion is reinvested into our communities every year through local spending – that’s a huge amount that’s going back into business’ tills, workers’ pockets and towards worthy community causes. Shopping small can have an enormous effect.”

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Peter Strong, CEO of the Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA), added: “Australia is a nation of neighbourhoods where we put down roots we keep planted for years, so we invest in the places we call home. Loyalty may be an old-fashioned concept, but when you consider that the majority of Australians have lived in their local area for three years or more, the longevity of local businesses is important. From years of supporting Shop Small, and the role I play every day at COSBOA, I know the importance of culture and community: which is why I encourage all Australians to join the movement this November.”

Find out more about Shop Small here and support local and small business.

Find out more about Shop Small here,


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