Meet The Cast of God’s Gang

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 4 December 2023

Meet the cast of “God’s Gang” – the new animated series whose goal is to unite people from a range of religions, faiths, cultural or economic backgrounds – through the power of content. A particularly powerful message at present…

A 2.5D series with a five-star production team

The 2.5D animated masterpiece is designed by a star-studded production team. Including creator Nimrod Avraham May, Emmy & Grammy award-winning head writer Rob Kutner, and series director Ehud Lansberg. Who have collaborated with an inter-faith advisory board to ensure authentic representation of various religions on screen.

However, it is not just a visual spectacle. It’s an educational journey promoting compassion, empathy, and humor to break down cultural barriers. Aimed at a nine to 19-year-old audience, God’s Gang delivers a universal message that transcends differences, fostering stronger bonds through shared values.

The awesome foursome

At the heart of God’s Gang are four remarkable characters: SumoSlim, TaekwonHindu, NinJew, and ChrisCross. These characters, hailing from different corners of the globe and representing various faiths, showcase the beauty of diversity. Through martial arts, diverse cultures, and religions, the show weaves a tapestry of unity, offering an uplifting experience for viewers of all backgrounds. They are not just characters; they are champions of kindness, warriors of humour, and ambassadors of fellowship. Through their eyes, viewers witness a world where differences enrich rather than divide.

From pilot to world peace?

The 13-minute pilot of God’s Gang has already garnered a substantial following of nearly 250,000 subscribers across social media platforms. Now, the God’s Gang team is reaching out to the global community for support to bring the entire series to life. The crowdfunding campaign invites those who believe in content that resonates worldwide. Emphasising laughter and understanding as tools to unite us all. Contributions to the campaign will go a long way in creating more episodes for everyone to enjoy because, indeed, the #WorldNeedsMoreGodsGang.

Creator Nimrod envisions God’s Gang as a catalyst for a world built on peace, love, compassion, kindness, and truth. He emphasises the need for content that transcends cultural and religious boundaries. And ultimately, provide a platform for people worldwide to come together in peace.

Contributions to the crowdfunding campaign will be allocated strategically. Over 70% towards creating new content, nearly 25% for rewards ensuring backers connect with the show, and a small portion covering platform and credit card fees.

The rewards for backers range from Harmony Badges and exclusive merchandise to professional writing and directing courses, cosmic conversations with the creator, cameos in the show, and even executive producer credits.

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