Meet Martine Harte From Engaging Women Blog

By Frederique Bros
on 23 September 2015

I am always excited to meet with inspiring and successful women who have digital business. I have had the pleasure of interviewing Martine Harte from Engaging Women – an Australian women’s blog featuring inspiring life tips, smart interviews and beautiful homes. Let’s see in detail what makes Martine a tech-savvy woman.

Meet Martine Harte From Engaging Women Blog

Can you give us a little background on your career to date?

Would love to. I worked for a decade as an on-air Television journalist, chief-of-staff and presenter with Network Ten in Australia and other media organisations.

Highlights include: interviewing Hollywood stars, winning a Gold Quill award for excellence in journalism and being nominated for a Logie award.

Lowlights include: having my face licked by Kiss guitarist Gene Simmons, having a coughing fit during a national live cross and my first report while still at uni: a scone baking competition. Seriously… I had to write nearly two minutes of television on baking scones!

I founded because I couldn’t find anything like it in the space. It quickly evolved and I’m now a regular panellist on legendary broadcaster Derryn Hinch’s show on Sky News and consult women on their online reputation. Engaging Women also just won a White Ribbon Australia Award after our first event.

Tell us a bit about Engaging Women.

It’s a modern woman’s guide to making an impact personally and professionally. We share inspiration from women from all walks of life and you can scroll beautiful, creative homes.

We’re about to launch a web video series. Exciting!

What makes you aim your site at women?

Because women rock. We have a big appetite when it comes to hearing how other people achieve success and our features always show that nobody is perfect. I also absolutely love the feedback that someone has felt empowered or found their purpose after reading a post on Engaging Women. At the end of the day, we’re not in competition, there’s enough room for everybody.

Have you met a technical problem when you first started?

Tech guru, I am not. In the beginning, I was actually rather clueless. Thankfully I enlisted a savvy web designer and I’ve been learning on the fly. When I interviewed you Freddie I didn’t even have my SEO set up correctly so merci for the tip!

Would you call yourself a tech-savvy woman? and why?

You know what? I am proud of what I’ve learned in a short time. Having a mindset for change has allowed me to reinvent myself from a traditional journalist who broadcasts nationally five nights a week to someone who mostly works from home yet is still punching out a blog that is making an impact in the world.

What kind of smartphone do you have?

iPhone 6plus, desperate to get my hands on an iPhone 6s.

Name 3 apps you use every day

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Playing around with Periscope.

What is your last Facebook status update?

Motivational quote: because who doesn’t need a little motivation in their life?

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