The Lens Scanner App Is Revolutionising The Glasses Industry

By Women Love Tech
on 28 April 2020

If you wear specs, then check out the new Lens Scanner app which helps make purchasing your next pair of glasses easier than ever.

Developed by 6over6, this clever piece of tech allows customers to bring up their current prescription by scanning their existing pair of glasses.

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To obtain your free subscription, all you need is you current pair of sunglasses or spectacles, a smartphone, and a computer. Then download the Lens Scanner app which will show you how to scan your current glasses prescription. Once the scan is done, it will be saved digitally in the Vision Direct database for the next time you want to purchase a pair of glasses through its website. All in all, it’s pretty easy to do.

The app has been listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), ensuring that it is of the highest standard, and also meets the industry guidelines for accuracy.

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The lens scanner basically makes the process of buying new glasses quicker and more effective.

Warning: T​he app is not to be used for multifocal or progressive lenses and for certain eye conditions, as the software cannot guarantee an accurate reading for such things.

A minimum age of 18 years is required for someone to use the app.

Download the Lens Scanner for free in both the App Store​ and​ Google Play Store​.

Click here for more info on Vision Directs’s lens scanner.


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