Meet The Women With The Keys To Entrepreneurial Success

By Alice Duthie
on 18 February 2022

Across the last decade, we’ve seen the emergence and growth of women-owned businesses in Australia, making up 38% of all small businesses that keep the economy churning.

In a bid to empower more entrepreneurship, five inspiring founders who have all built successful businesses on Shopify, from different industries and at different stages of their business journey, pass on wise words for those thinking about starting a new business venture. Below are the unique perspectives to help anyone thinking of taking a new step in their careers.

Mustard Made – Becca Stern, Co-Founder and Creative Director

female entrepreneur
Becca Stern

Becca Stern, Co-founder and Creative Director of a refined locker brand on Shopify tells those wanting to start their own businesses to practice self confidence.

“Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Confidence can come in many forms, there can be a feeling that there is a certain way you ‘should’ be as an entrepreneur,” she says.

“One of the things we’ve learnt through our Mustard journey has been that we can do business our way, and when we do, the outcomes shine. You are your own best asset, so invest in yourself, back yourself and do things in a way that feels right for you and your business.”

YEVU – Anna Robertson, Founder, YEVU Clothing and Co-Founder, YEVU Foundation

Anna Robertson
Anna Robertson

Anna Robertson, who is the founder of a socially responsible enterprise on Shopify, YEVU, encourages aspiring women entrepreneurs to partner with great women especially if you are operating across more than one location or context. 

“Understand and learn how you can use your privilege to help other women become leaders and ensure that your business governance reflects this, through sharing ownership and through democratic decision making,” she says. 

“Make space for women leaders to hire and train a team of women, building skills, confidence and autonomy, in turn creating more future female leaders, and inspiring their daughters to do the same!”

Spill the Tea Co. – Sienna Capra, Founder

female entrepreneur

Sienna Capra, who started her own tea business at just 15 years old, believes that there has been a major shift in women’s place in the world, and more specifically the workplace, over the past 5 years. 

Capra explains, “My parents are business owners. Having grown up with my mum being an equal business partner with my dad, I have been fortunate enough to witness, learn and understand what owning and running a business looks like from both perspectives. I believe this has had a major impact on my own business decisions so far for the better.”

“My advice to women is to understand the utter importance of self belief, determination and confidence.” Capra adds.

Sienna encourages others to surround themselves with supportive people who are there to celebrate your successes and empower your growth. Having the right community support is priceless for a positive entrepreneurial venture.

“Being rurally based, I find that the community is so incredibly supportive and encouraging of small business owners. A true supportive community will never dismiss the authenticity and legitimacy of your venture and rather work with you to promote and publicise your business as opposed to competing against. We are in a time in which women empowerment is of extreme relevance and the female population is waiting to celebrate you, embrace and use this momentum to embark on your own business journey,” she concludes.

The Studio Trangie – Lottie Rae, Owner

Lottie Rae
Lottie Rae

Lottie Rae, owner of The Studio Trangie which is a collective hub for all things creative, advises women entrepreneurs to focus on two things: hard work and boundaries.

“Women can absolutely have it all, but you’ve got to be willing to dig deep and work really really hard. Twice as hard,” she says.

“Set boundaries and stick to them.”

Active Truth – Stevie Angel, Co-Founder & Director

female entrepreneur
Stevie Angel

Stevie Angel, Co-Founder & Director of Active Truth, believes that trusting your instincts will play a crucial role in the first steps of becoming an entrepreneur.

“We came into Active Truth with no business or e-commerce experience, so in the early days we were hungry for advice and opinions. However it took us a little while — and a few mistakes and bad decisions along the way — to realise it is great to listen to the advice of others, but ultimately you know your business and your customer best,” Angel affirms.

“Starting a business with fresh eyes can be an asset. You don’t have to do things a certain way because “that’s the way it’s always done”.”

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