Mental Health Day: Marion Grasby On Why Cooking Is Good For Your Wellbeing

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on 9 October 2020

To celebrate Mental Health Day (10 October), we talked to much loved Thai-Aussie cook Marion Grasby, who shares her view on Why Cooking Is Good For Your Wellbeing.

Marion talked to Women Love Tech about how, whether you are a passionate cook or not, the process of lovingly preparing a meal for your family that is good for your soul and with the current lockdown for many, it’s one thing everyone can do.

marion grasby

“Standing in the kitchen with food sizzling away is a very therapeutic thing to do,” Marion said. “There’s something about mixing together a bright and beautiful salad even that’s wonderful. The sounds and smells that eminate from the kitchen is like a symphony you can listen to. It’s like magic to me.”

Cooking is also closely associated with time spent growing up with her mother and Marion fondly remembers many hours in the kitchen at home which became the inspiration for her career as a chef.

“My memories and relationship with my mum is all based around the kitchen and also travelling and experiencing cuisine in Thailand and places we’ve lived,” adds Marion. “My favourite memory is mum cooking us Thai rice and soup.”

“Food is therapy and cooking food is avery achievable for everyone.”

Marion Grasby

Marion’s three happy foods are chilies, thai curry and cheese.

And for her many fans, you’ll be pleased to hear Facebook is partnering with Marion Grasby to create her first Facebook Watch series called Mindful Cooking. With a strong following across Australia and Asia-Pacific (as one of the top 5 Asia-Pacific creators on Facebook), Marion has used her platform on Facebook and Instagram to champion Asian home-cooking to her audience. 

This weekend, Marion shows us how cooking can also become a part of your meditation practice, sharing her personal wind-down routine and recipes that are good for your body, and your mind!

Marion Grasby
Marion Grasby

Follow #FBMindfulnessWeekend and check out the series on Marion Grasby’s Facebook Page: 

  1. Saturday, 10 October 2020 6PM AEDT: Marion’s Mindful Cooking – new recipe! 
  2. Sunday, 11 October 2020 11AM AEDT: Marion’s Feel-good Food
marion grasby

Marion said she loves working on building content for her Facebook audience, simply because it is more instant and she feels more connected to her audience which spans the globe. “I recently turned down a TV offer because I wanted to spend more time creating content for my Facebook channel,” she adds. “I like the fact you get immediate feedback.”

Facebook Watch Plans

Also in the pipeline, Facebook plans to produce a new talk show for Facebook Watch with Golden Globe Award-Winning Actress Taraji P. Henson, which will be co-hosted with her long-time best friend Tracie Jade Jenkins, who is the Executive Director of Henson’s Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation.

Through personal interviews with celebrities, experts and everyday people, the series will help show how to provide support, bring awareness and help eliminate the stigmas of mental health issues.

Set to premiere later this year, each episode will focus on a different mental health topic, and multiple content clips will be released per week.

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