MeU The First Social Mobile Is Now Available In Australia

By Frederique Bros
on 9 August 2015

MeU has announced the launch of Australia’s first Social Mobile Network™, offering Aussies uncomplicated and generous mobile plans designed for the way we connect in today’s digital world. The new virtual mobile network offers Aussies simple and transparent competitive pre-paid mobile plans on Australia’s second biggest mobile network. 

MeU The First Social Mobile Is Now Available In Australia

The new Social Mobile Network enables consumers to authenticate via social platforms, such as Facebook. Once signed up, members will have a choice of four new plans, known as ‘Oodles’, which provide heaps of talk, text and data at highly competitive prices. Additionally, MeU will advise its members if they are over-spending on the service at the end of the billing cycle, ensuring they are on the right plan for them. 

MeU Oodles have no lock-in contracts and users can opt out at any time. Oodles start from $29 and go up to $59. All MeU plans have no flagfall charge, no penalty charges for going over data allowances and are transparent on pricing. If members exceed their plans, they have the option to purchase add on data packages for a flat fee of $10 per GB or simply disable data until the end of the month.

Aussies get to keep their previous mobile number, have access to free voicemail and calls to 1800 numbers, as well as access to its network – Kevin – which provides a 3G footprint of 98.5% of the Australian population. Additionally, new functionality will be added to the network to enable member interaction, including the ability to gift each other minutes, text and data, as well as become part of the MeU community. 

“Our new mobile network aims to lead on product and differentiate on service. It’s all about providing our members with the best value. Not only are we offering them oodles of minutes, texts and data but we also want to create a bespoke, innovative, socially connected platform, which will enable members to connect both socially and with MeU’s customer centric service representatives,” said Brodie Rice, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at MeU. 

“We’ve noticed customer service is one of the biggest gripes for consumers and one of the top causes for people to change networks. That’s why we’re up front with our plans and have a local team to talk to if required. We want to be the mobile network of choice when it comes to uncomplicated plans, generous data allowances and friendly service.” 

MeU members will be able to contact member representatives in whichever way is most convenient, whether it be social media interactions or more traditional touchpoints, and staff are being cross-skilled to cut customer service call escalations and redirections. 

“The launch is just the beginning and we’re really excited about the next 12 months. We have lots in store for our customers, as we continue to develop our offerings and services. Our aim is to be one of the top mobile operators in Australia and we will achieve this by putting our members first,” said Rice.

MeU is backed by ASX-listed technology accelerator Yonder & Beyond. In addition to investing in the company, Yonder & Beyond provides MeU with access to a large contact base across hardware, software and content providers.

“We are delighted MeU has now launched in Australia and are extremely excited in the progression of Australia’s first social mobile network. Having previously worked with Netflix, Deezer, Spotify and Beats, as well as having a number of interesting technologies within our portfolio, such as PlayMEET, we can offer Aussie members with unique plans, services and opportunities moving forwards,” said Shashi Fernando, CEO of Yonder & Beyond.

“There is a lot more to come from this new operator, as it looks to shake up and disrupt the mobile industry,” he concluded. 

MeU SIMs are available directly at and members can sign up to the service using their Facebook profile.

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