Microsoft Yammer Facilitates Workplace Chit Chat

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 10 March 2021

Yammer is an easy program to learn and use. If you’ve used Facebook you’ll be familiar with how to post and comment.

Did you know that yammer means to talk foolishly or incessantly?

You’ll probably want to spend some time joining some communities that you’re interested in. If you explore a community further, you can see tabs for the Conversations (feed), About, Files and Events. You can create a list of your favourite communities by clicking on the heart icon.

If you’re setting up Yammer for your company, you might like to start with an All Company community, and ones of each of the large teams and significant projects and initiatives.

Your company may like to create an Acceptable Use Policy where you discuss your policies and guidelines about making Yammer a safe, respectful and collaborative space.

When you create a post in Yammer, you can select from an update (text with an optional Gif, SharePoint file or an attachment), question, poll or praise. For your update, you can then add a group and/or people and topics.

I read the content on the Jokes, Movie Club, Streaming, Cooking and Dogs communities. I left the Bad Jokes group as the jokes were indeed…. really bad. After a month or so, I grew tired of my workplace’s Yammer and unjoined from most of the groups. The content wasn’t updated frequently enough or engaging.

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The main Yammer group I enjoyed was the Movie Club. There were some dedicated posters who moderated the group. There were weekly trivia questions on a Friday that were hard to answer but fun to attempt. Each month we talked about the films and television shows we’d enjoyed over the last couple of weeks.

I also enjoyed the gamers group and got some new recommendations for games to try out.

Eventually I stopped visiting Yammer and used it maybe once a week. I’d rather spend my down time networking and reading customised content in a professional space on LinkedIn.

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