Mighty Purse Is The Stylish New Purse That Charges Your Phone

Women Love Tech
on 27 June 2018

You know when you’re about to go out and you realise your phone desperately needs charging, but the purse you’re carrying is too small to hold a power bank or a portable charger? Well, put battery anxiety to rest because Mighty Purse is here.

A fusion between fashion and technology, these are smart purses that charge your phone. They’re minimalist and super-pretty, in a range of styles, colours and sizes, using technology that’s hidden and well-disguised so that you can stay charged and connected in style. And without delay. So leave aside Coach and Elizabeth and James for a while, Might Purse is the accessory you need to have!

The purses are compatible with both Android and iPhone, so you just slide your phone into a “Mighty Purse” to recharge. There’s a built in power bank (4000 mAh battery) and a discreetly placed USB charging cable within a removable zipper pocket inside the purse.

Might Purse has a variety of sizes: wristlets, totes, cross-body and clutches, and they’re available in leather and suede, as well as vegan materials, with new styles released every year. The purses also have plenty of room for all your essentials – there are credit card slots, billfold sections and spots for loose change.

Designed in Bondi, Australia, Mighty Purse was founded by Ana Slavka, a former model, make-up artist and interior designer, who saw the need for a high-tech handbag to keep women feeling safe (literally, not powerless). Always finding her phone battery dying at the most inopportune times, she decided to do something about it. “Fashion and form are important, but so is function. Women are growing, changing, collaborating, innovating and very busy. We can no longer be left disconnected. Mighty Purse makes sure this never happens.”

The tech-infused collection is available in-store, on the Might Purse website throughout the UK, EU, US, The Middle East and Asia Pacific, and with selected stockists worldwide.

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