MISO: An App That Helps You Find Healthy Places Around The World

Libby Jane Charleston
on 14 November 2016

If you’re a health-conscious traveller and don’t have time to trawl through travellers’ websites looking for recommendations MISO is a new free app that helps you make healthy choices when you’re out and about.

MISO helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle while you’re travelling – including healthy restaurants and cafes, fitness studios and gyms, wherever you are. You can also search a city and browse through the results.

Traditionally, travellers would have to use Google, Yelp or ask in travel forums for the answers they need, which is a slower process. MISO has sorted its healthy places by distance and categories and each listing comes with a link to a website, contact number and Google map directions.

You can read reviews by other users, look at photos and, after you’ve been there, you can add the place to your favourites. While MISO is mainly targeted at travellers, health-conscious locals can use the app to explore new healthy places near their offices and homes.


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