MitoHQ Blue Blocking Glasses Review: How Does It Protect Your Eyes?

Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 29 April 2019

MitoHQ shades promise to protect your eyes from UV rays, and harmful 430nm to 550nm blue light. They are better than other blue blocking glasses as they do not affect colour perception.

The glasses are designed to be worn by anyone who spends time in front of a computer, television or digital device.

There are two different lens versions – one for the day time and one for night time. The day time lenses are designed to block out 59% of the harmful blue light wavelengths. While the night time lenses block out 100% of blue light wavelengths. These would be good for gamers and televisions watchers who want to improve their sleep.

The MitoHQ glasses have been tested to improve sleep, reduce digital eye strain, and improve productivity.

We tried the Mito Tort glasses style. These frames are made from polycarbonate. They have a larger lens for those with a larger head and who might need better eye protection. The frames were too big for me but suited my husband perfectly.

The glasses come in two other styles – Mito Tots and Mito Gray Fade. All three designs are unisex, but I think these two styles are slightly more feminine.

The blue-blocking glasses come with a nice black box, a glasses box, a string-tie cloth bag and a postcard.

Purchase from the MitoHQ website:

About MitoHQ Shades

These aren’t just any pair of shades. You’re on the way to protecting your mitochondria for optimal health. Your new Mito Shades are specifically designed for maximum protection and minimal vision distortion.

Your purchase supports our mission to help 100 million people prevent and reverse chronic disease by 2030. #mitohq #mitomovement #mitohealth #mitoshades

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