Mome: How This App Could Have Prevented Donald Trump

Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 14 November 2016

A general frustration about life, globalization and the political system has given Donald Trump the necessary support for his election.

This app called Mome makes you value the happy moments in your life more. With happier people, Trump could have been avoided, so say the app founders. They claim that for those who are frustrated with the political outcome, this app will cheer you up.

The outcome of the election was surprising, especially for our friends in Europe. It feels like major parts of the American society are frustrated. The founders of the app Mome, however, think that our lives are full of happy moments, but we keep forgetting about them.

When being with friends, the best moments are things like a funny quote, a video of your friends freaking out to a song or a photo of you enjoying a coffee. Often we do not capture such moments and if we do it, we use WhatsApp or Snapchat where such moments are buried among the constant flow of new messages. Thus these memories fade over time. With mome you capture these moments in beautifully designed, private albums – together with your friends – mome is the logical extension to your messenger chat groups.

mome screenshot

As every moment is different, mome allows you to capture moments as photos, videos, sound or text. Comments and descriptions can be added to the moments which make the albums even more vivid. By automatically taking time and place as well as sorting the moments, the app frees you from all inconveniences otherwise associated with storing memories.

mome screengrabPrivacy is at the very heart of mome. Similar to chat groups on messenger apps, only the people invited can view and contribute to an album. Moreover, the German company follows strict German privacy laws.

It is great fun to create such an album with your friends and even more exciting to swipe through the moments after a while – it reminds you of all the fun moments you have experienced. So in case you are meeting your friends, plan to travel or are frustrated about the outcome of the presidential election, make yourself happier by using Mome – now available on Android and iOS.


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