MYOB And Mastercard Helping Sole Traders With Its Loyalty Program

By Emeric Brard
on 11 July 2020

MYOB has teamed up with Mastercard and Visa to provide sole traders with an easy way of paying business expenses via its loyalty program.

With this loyalty program, sole traders will be able to earn points that can easily be redeemed as vouchers for retailers like Uber Eats, Bunnings, Woolworths, Coles and JB Hi-Fi. On top of that, it allows for “bulk payments via Mastercard or Visa as well as access to an all-new loyalty program for credit card payments,” said Andrew Baines, General Manager of Financial Services at MYOB.

This comes as a result of many of MYOB’s customers expressing their desire in making credit card payments as it can help with cashflow and potentially unlock business perks. All members need to do is complete a bulk payment with a Visa or Mastercard credit card and they can instantly make the most of the rewards.

But the program isn’t only for the rewards, it’s also “helping customers focus on high value work by reducing what has traditionally been a time-consuming task.” For example,

MYOB loyalty program
  • paying bills
  • processing invoices
  • organising payrolls

Visit the MYOB website for more details.

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