MYOB’s Business Guide To Help SMEs Survive The Pandemic

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 26 May 2020

MYOB have put together a new guide to help small- and medium-sized businesses particularly given so many are experiencing hardships faced in the light of our “new normal”. The guide aims to help companies get past this difficult period and come out the other side stronger.

The global pandemic has put a temporary halt on the world’s normal movements. From business, leisure to travel, our daily routines have substantially changed, and a result, governments and major companies around the world have been hit financially. But it’s not only the major players that have been impacted, but COVID-19 has also affected the SME businesses that essentially run economies.

The latest edition of MYOB’s guide focuses specifically on the issues that local businesses face, from evaluating pricing strategy and customer retention, to organisational change and health and wellbeing.


“Many small business sectors, particularly food services, accommodation, arts and recreation, have been significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic – not just financially, but operationally,” said MYOB CEO,  Greg Ellis.

The truth of the matter is that the impact is not only one of financial, but also operational,  adds Greg Ellis. What the guide will help business owners do is adapt.

In what is a changing market, how can businesses tailor their products and services to best complement it? How should pricing change? How can they best use technology to evolve their business going forward? These are all questions that the guide helps you answer.

“This is an important positive that has arisen from the crisis; technology will bring new opportunities and more efficient ways of working for local businesses,”

said Greg Ellis, MYOB CEO

The second edition of the MYOB Business Preparedness Guide is available now for download at the MYOB COVID-19 Resource Centre.

Below you can find more details about the first edition of MYOB Business Preparedness Guide:

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